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The Society of The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart established this library in 1897 providing for the Novitiate and the Seminary. Over the past 100 years additions have been made to the library, especially during the time of St. Paul's National Seminary, 1967-1998. The currency of the  library is maintained specifically in Theology, Sacred Scripture and a spectrum of journals.


The Library


Why the M.S.C. provide a library. The founder of The Sacred Heart Missionaries, Fr Jules Chevalier, stressed to his sons and daughters, both lay and consecrated religious that there must be a love of learning among them. At the same time their fundamental task was to come to know Jesus the Christ, a knowing which comes only as a gift of love, a gift from the Spirit. This task is to achieve a balance of head and heart. This M.S.C. library, therefore, seeks to provide head and heart nourishment.


Library Profile


The M.S.C . Library, originally a resource for the Congregation's novices and seminarians, comprises 60,000 volumes and upwards of 10,000 journals. It is now offered as a free service to all theological students. The Library is, arguably, the finest theological collection of its type in Australia and with on-line search facilities is available to all. As an M.S.C. resource it is offered as a service of mission. The collection and facilities are available for loan and its research facilities are able to help with any reasonable theological request. The primary purpose of this outreach is to proclaim and encourage devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in action as Love.







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